Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks are water leaks of plumbing pipes installed in or under the slab concrete foundation of your home. Under certain conditions slab pipes leak out water and cause expensive structural damage. Hidden from view, leaky underground pipes are not always detectable unless homeowners recognize the five, most common slab leak symptoms. For their destructive nature, slab water leaks necessitate early detection before serious damage occurs.

Slab Leak Symptoms

Property owners ought to watch-out for the following symptoms of water leaks under concrete slab:Slab Leak and Repair

  • Higher water bills.
  • Sound of running water when no water is used.
  • Excessive moisture under carpets.
  • Hot spots on floors.
  • Cracks on floors and walls.

If your home displays the above symptoms, act quickly for slab leak repair and call Tiptons Plumbing. 405-703-2700.


Slab Leak Causes

Some of the factors associated with piping failures and slab leaks are:

  • Corrosion – Aggressive soil and water can also cause copper to deteriorate leading to potential slab leaks.
  • Abrasion – Copper pipe will expand and contract with temperature change. If it is in contact with a sharp or abrasive object, it can over time saw through the pipe causing a failure.
  • Ground movement – Grated or filled lots, seismic activity…for variety of reasons cause some homes built on slabs to move. You may see separations in block walls, planters, patios, etc. This same movement can cause stress on the piping below your house leading to a slab leak.
  • Poor quality installation – Unfortunately, many home experience slab leaks as a result of piping that was poorly installed. Piping that is kinked, dinged or forced into position or damaged after installation by other workers on the construction site are types of problems that can show up years later in the form of a slab leak.
  • Time – As we all know nothing lasts forever, copper piping under your slab has a useful life expectancy of approximately 50 years assuming it has been properly installed, and is free from other stress factors, A thirty plus year old home is probably in need of a new roof, garage door, patio cover and maybe a new water piping system.
  • Recent changes in city water purification have altered the chemistry of tap water and maybe linked to failures in copper piping.