Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer Line Repair in Oklahoma City

When a sewer line breaks, you have to look into sewer line replacement by trained professionals right away. The problem is going to make your sewer system impossible to use, which impacts all ways in which water is used in the home. It might even back up into your house. You cannot live like this for very long without having to leave the house.

sewer line replacement

Damaged by Tree Roots.

Sewer Line Installation

In this type of an emergency situation, when a sewer or water line has been clogged of ruptured, the first place that you call should be Tipton’s Plumbing and Sewer. We are a trusted name in the industry since we have been here for nearly 20 years, and we can give you the prompt repair and installation services that you need. Call us for the fast service regarding sewer line replacement and repair.

Camera Inspection Inspection

Tipton’s Plumbing and Sewer uses a state of the art mobile video camera that travels throughout the length of your sewer pipe and then projects the video image onto a monitor. This inside view takes the guesswork out of identifying the location and source of the blockage, so our technicians can quickly begin repair in the correct location saving you time and money.

Call us at 405-703-2700 or fill out the form below for a fast response on your sewer line line replacement today. Our highly trained professional plumbers will help you get the job done right.

Camera Inspection

Camera Inspection